KOMMA Performance Productions is a performing arts association based in Copenhagen, founded by artists and producers Joana Ellen Öhlschläger, Lara Vejrup Ostan and Nadja Bounenni. By offering structural support to emerging artists, we work towards creating a low threshold entry to the world of artistic freelancing and a community around our field of work. Together we wish to collect and share knowledge and resources surrounding performing arts production. 

KOMMA was initially formed in 2021 in the light of a collective need to learn about and organize around production and administration processes as self-producing artists. As newly graduates we found importance and relevance in finding ways of working together, nurturing and developing collective connections. That was the cornerstone to a constant learning process based on curiosity, vision and desire for strong support structures.

KOMMA works as a dynamic knowledge bank, administrative tool, community for networking and meeting point within a creative frame. Our members are of diverse nationalities and bring together different streams of artistic expression within the field of dance and choreography. 

We are looking for creatives and creators across disciplines as well as producers and communicators who are interested in engaging actively in the Danish scene of performing arts and internationally.


Nadja Bounenni

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