Meet the team

Nadja Bounenni is a Greek/Tunisian dancer, choreographer and producer as well as yoga facilitator based in Copenhagen. She works with the body as a divine instrument to experiencing the world from more than one point of view. Her artistic interest lies in political debates of our times and notions of reality and fiction. In her works, she invites elements from past and future and she encourages the very own individual interpretation of the experience. The performative universes she creates, are somewhat wacky, eccentric and quirky, always proposing a relaxed and sensuous audiencing, oftentimes interactive. 

She is co-founder of KOMMA Performance Productions with vision the union of performing artists locally who can expand internationally, by creating a root network among professionals who share resources for designing collaborative artistic futures.

Joana Ellen Öhlschläger (Germany/Denmark) works as an artist and producer within the field of dance and choreography. She views choreography as a means to reflect on the implications and underlying structures that we practice in our dailyness and create a suspension within them. Her fascination for the perpetual movement of human and other bodies is at the core of her artistry. In addition she likes to spill into different art forms and seeks out transdisciplinary collaborations to weave sensuous, emotional and humoristic performance landscapes. 

Currently Joana studies her MfA in Choreography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (DDSKS). Besides she is active as a curator and artistic producer with Fuchsbau Festival e.V.

Lara Vejrup Ostan  (b. 1995) she/her, is a Slovenian / Danish freelance self-producing choreographer, dancer and author based in Copenhagen. In her work she creates universes hosting an everyday and mundane, interwoven with fantasmical layers, questioning traditional dramaturgies of storytelling, both within performing arts and language. She is interested in how the internet is affecting aesthetic consumption and the psychological, political trajectories of the millennial generation; the internet natives. Other mediums, such as film and text, are used in her practice to mold and carry, or further develop logics of dancing.