The Swimmer

THE SWIMMER is a duet, which investigates physical embodiment and imaginaries in the era of digitalisation.

Concept: Lara Vejrup Ostan

Sound design: Moritz Nahold

Scenography: Max Schwidlinski

Choreography: Lara Vejrup Ostan and Johanna Eva Forsehag

Performers: Johanna Eva Forsehag and Ruth Rebekka Hansen

This event is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, Skuespillerforbundet, William Demant Fonden, Tårnby Park Studio, Christianshavns Beboerhus and Sydhavn Teater

Photo by Stroud Rohde Pearce

A special thanks to Quim Bigas, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Sofia Bellucci and Anders Toft Pedersen.